2017 Oct 19

Get to Know Lucy Boynton

Lucy Boynton Owes Her American Accent to Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Get to know the bi-continental Murder on the Orient Express star.

AGE: 23.
PROVENANCE: Bi-continental.
SCREEN GAB: Daughter of British journalist Graham Boynton, she moved to London from New York when she was five. “I consider myself British through and through, but owe Sabrina the Teenage Witch for when I need my American accent.”
BUNNY HOP: At 10, she enrolled in drama class. “I was incredibly lucky. A casting director came to my school to audition girls for Miss Potter, and in that process I realized that I loved, craved, and needed acting.” She got the part. “It was a magical introduction to this world.”

CATCH HER: With a dozen films complete, Boynton recently starred as Claire Douglas, J. D. Salinger’s second wife, in IFC’s biopic Rebel in the Rye. “I was familiar with Salinger’s work, but not his reclusive nature. The rose-tinted glasses are elegantly removed.”
NEXT STOP: Boynton, as Countess Andrenyi, joins Johnny Depp, Penélope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Judi Dench next month in Kenneth Branagh’s starry Twentieth Century Fox adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express. “The script stays brilliantly true to Agatha Christie, with a modernized twist.”
ALL ABOARD: “My first day, I was in the train carriage looking down that line of faces. It was very surreal and intimidating, but the best learning experience you could ask for.”