2023 Mar 21

Lucy for Grazia Magazine

Lucy Boynton Reigns Supreme in Her Latest Role

The actress has big shoes to fill playing Marie Antoinette in her new film, ‘Chevalier,’ but the skilled star is more than prepared for the task

Whether you’re a fan of Lucy Boynton from her appearances in projects like Bohemian Rhapsody and Ryan Murphy’s The Politician or have photos of her avant-garde red carpet beauty looks saved on Pinterest boards, the actress has a certain way of standing out — no matter which stars surround her. She’s steadily worked since her first role at the age of 12 in the 2006 film Miss Potter, and yet, she’s managed to stay out of the headlines and have attention focused solely on one thing: her work.

So who is the real Lucy Boynton? While she says she thinks of show business as her “job” rather than her “entire identity,” the schedule of an actor means a typical day doesn’t really exist. “Because of this job, it gets you into a strange momentum,” Boynton, 29, tells GRAZIA USA. Currently, for instance, she’s in a “really odd jetlag space” and waking up at 3:00 a.m. “I’ll sit up and read in bed or watch something,” the star says. “Being up at an hour where very few other people are awake has been so cathartic and peaceful and it feels like I’m getting a jump start on my day, but privately, and so that has been a really lovely habit to get into.”

Time off for Boynton includes taking trips home to her native London and catching up on all the things she’s missed while on set. She also values hanging out with friends and family and creating “some semblance of a routine and integrating myself back into my life.” She may even pop by an art class. “I really, really love pottery painting, especially those evenings where you can bring a bottle of wine,” she shares. “I have an embarrassment of a collection of painted bowls and mugs, but it’s so cathartic and fun.”
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