Quick Facts

Full Name: Lucy Christabel Boynton
DOB: 17th January 1994
Place of Birth: New York City
Star Sign: Capricorn
Family: Father, mother & older sister
Hair Colour: ‘Sad, Dark Blonde’
Eye Colour: Blue
Favourite Films: Moulin Rouge, Harold and Maude, My Girl
Favourite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favourite Actress: Felicity Jones
Favourite Authors/Books: Shirley Jackson
Dream Roles: Cat On A Hot Tin Roof, A Baz Luhrmann Movie
If she wasn’t an actress: A vet or working for the RSPCA

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Lucy Boynton is an American-English actress born on the 17th January 1993 in New York City. At a young age she moved to London with her father, Graham Boynton, mother Adriaane Pielou and her older sister, Emma Louise Boynton.

Early Life

Attending Blackheath High School in Southeast London, Lucy became interested in acting at an early age. She then continued her education in James Allen’s Girls’ School, based in Dulwich, South London. With both of her parents being writers in relation to travelling, Lucy spent a lot of time seeing the world when younger, enjoying her parents work trips as holidays with her sister. In her own words, Lucy became inspired with the world of acting after meeting a new drama teacher in her school:

‘The pivotal moment came when I was ten: I had this brilliant drama teacher, Helen Kay. She taught us that acting was not playing pretend; it was understanding the human mind and why people function as they do. And that you act with your eyes – I found it fascinating that you could become another human through something so minute.’

Becoming A Professional

Lucy’s first professional role came in the movie Miss Potter, which she filmed when she was 11 years old. Playing a younger version of the title character, Beatrix Potter, it provided the stepping stone to her career in acting. In fact she was invited to an audition after a casting agent sat in on a drama lesson! Lucy has never attended drama school, as many other actors do, but does avail of drama classes when she is between acting jobs.

‘It was very intimidating but an utterly thrilling experience… I had also never done anything like it before so I had no idea what to expect… I feel incredibly lucky to have had that be my introduction to this industry.’

December 2006 also saw Lucy make her first appearance on a red carpet, for the world premiere of Miss Potter in London, UK.

As many actors do, Lucy also found herself taking on roles on television, with guest appearances on shows such as Sense & Sensibility, Inspector Lewis and Law and Order: UK. These roles helped to establish her career in the UK, but of course many aim for America and beyond.

At one point in her career, she was asked to read for a part in St.Trinians, but that didn’t come to play as her mum wasn’t happy at the choice. Considering her age at the time, and how the movie was deemed raunchy at times, it probably was a good decision.

Her life hasn’t always just been acting however! Although she did drop out of school before finishing, she did end up returning to college and completed her A-Levels, with education being a priority in her life.

A Star is Born

Some may argue that Lucy’s stardom has arisen since her performance as Mary Austin, but others know that she has gradually been making her way up the acting ladder. In such a short period of time, she has worked with actors such as Dame Judi Dench, Ruth Wilson, Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, Julie Walters, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Nicholas Hoult, Juliet Stevenson and so many more! After appearing in movies such as the Golden Globe nominated, Sing Street (2016), which in my own opinion is one of her best roles and Rebel in the Rye (2017), Lucy landed a dream role as Countess Elena Andrenyi in the murder ‘whodunit’ classic, Murder on the Orient Express. Working with actors such as Kenneth Branagh, Derek Jacobi and Michelle Pfeiffer proved no hard work for Lucy as she held up against them in terms of her acting ability.

Netflix seems to be playing a role in Lucy’s career as she has already starred in I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016), Apostle (2018), Gypsy (2017) and her upcoming TV show, The Politician (2019).

We can’t talk about her acting career without mentioning her role in Bohemian Rhapsody; a movie based on the life of Freddie Mercury and Queen. Lucy played the role of Mary Austin, Freddie’s once upon a time fiancé, and longtime companion. The movie itself has gained and won many nominations, including 2 Golden Globes and 1 SAG award, with Oscar nominations in the bag too. Even without an individual nomination, the movie helped to bring Lucy into the public eye more.

Future Projects

Based in London, but travelling to LA and NYC, as of right now Lucy is currently filming the comedy TV series, The Politician. Not much is known about the plot of the series, but according to sources it centers ‘on a wealthy man from Santa Barbara with political aspirations.’ The series should be released sometime in 2019.

Many of her other recent projects are available to purchase on DVD, as well as to watch on Netflix, such as Apostle (2018), Gypsy (2017), Let Me Go (2017) and Rebel in the Rye (2017).

It’s clear that Lucy’s future in Acting is a very bright one!